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Virtual Masterclass: Shooting Beyond the S.T.A.R.S.
(Strategic Tasks Attain Results Successfully)

Let's Get Unstuck and Shine

Amelia provides personalized professional mentoring that focuses on the individuals’ need for guidance and direction to successfully reach their life goals.  Strategies include the following:

  • Letting go of your past
  • Changing your narrative
  • Changing your personal perspectives
  • Exploring your purpose
  • Believing in yourself

Implement Success Strategies

Life can be hard because it doesn’t come with a play book. Let’s work together to develop your very own winning star strategies. We’ll work on accomplishing the following: 

  • Developing your personal life statement
  • Creating a lifestyle of gratitude  
  • Setting next level life/career goals
  • Redefining contentment  
  • Adopting the10 percent service rule

Achieve Desired Outcomes

To experience measurable growth and sustainable outcomes, there must be frequent transparent assessments. To accomplish sustainable outcomes, we’ll accomplish the following together:

  • Assessing value systems (childhood vs. adulthood)
  • Evaluating/reestablishing personal core values
  • Developing monthly plans
  • Celebrating change/growth
  • Rewriting your life narrative

Guiding Questions:

  1. What are your desired outcomes? 
  2. Do you know where to start?
  3. What steps have you taken to achieve your goals? 
  4. Do you currently have long & short-term goals?
  5. On a scale of 1-10, rate your level of satisfaction with your life currently… 1 being the least satisfied, and 10 being extremely satisfied.

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